New York Yankees slugger Aaron Judge made a bold prediction during the offseason that seems far below his capabilities in a surfaced video.

New York Yankees slugger Aaron Judge made a statement in the offseason declaring that he would hit 50 home runs in the 2022 season.

Well, he’s officially hit the 50 mark — but with more than a month left of the regular season, he’ll almost surely far surpass that goal and could be eyeing a 60-homer season.

Judge hit the ball off a tee, and the ball seemed to disappear immediately. He hit with great strength and precision, and he appears capable of hitting more than just 50 home runs this season.

He was already a great player before this season, but he’s proving that there’s always room for improvement.

Yankees slugger Aaron Judge proves there’s always room for improvement

Judge made his MLB debut in 2016 with the Yankees and has played with them since. His first season was tough. He hit .179/.263/.345 for an OPS of .608. The next season, he significantly improved and hit .284/.422/.627 for an OPS of 1.049.

Since his improvement, he’s consistently hit well and with a lot of power. He hasn’t had a slugging percentage below .500 since 2016. He’s only getting better with time.

This also isn’t the first season he’s hit 50 homers. In 2017, he had 52. However, he’ll likely exceed that. He’s having the best season of his career, hitting .294/.396/.661 for an OPS of 1.057.

Judge is unlike any other player. He’s currently the best in the league in multiple areas, including wins above replacement (7.6), slugging percentage, OPS, runs scored (102), total bases (306), home runs and RBIs (110), to name a few.

He took his talent and brought it to the next level. He’ll undoubtedly achieve more than anyone can imagine possible.

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