AJ McKee did not hold back his feelings on the “Pitbull” Brothers in an exclusive interview. 

The former Bellator featherweight champion AJ McKee is now eyeing a new road to the belt. After McKee lost his title back in April, to Patrício Pitbull, he was looking for an immediate rematch. Unfortunately for him, no rematch was given. The loss came in a fight that was in fact a rematch of his title win, and so McKee was left up in the air.

With no title shot at 145 pounds, he is now setting his sights on a lightweight title. Standing in the way of that 155-pound gold is another “Pitbull”, Patrício’s brother Patricky. The older Freire brother won the lightweight title after it was vacated by his brother. Now McKee is targeting to take down the whole family.

“You know, a Pitbull’s a Pitbull,” McKee said to FanSided.  “So I’m looking forward to fighting his brother. He was gifted the title, I’m not going to call him a champion because in order to be a champion, you have to beat the champion and he hasn’t beaten the champion. So that’s like the interim title to me, if you ask me, and my personal opinion.”

McKee has his sights set on another title and another Freire Brother

McKee is not on a crash course with Freire just yet. His next Bellator bout will be coming up will be against  Spike Carlyle on Oct. 1 at Bellator 286.

“Fu-k Pitbulls. They’re like Chihuahuas,” McKee said. “I don’t I have no respect for him. I had a lot of respect at first, but my respect has gone out the window. Fu-k them. Excuse my language, but I don’t respect it, bro. Like you saw after I won got on my knees. I’m gonna show respect. You win, now all of a sudden, I don’t get a rematch. You’re fighting Borics and this and that. And then his brother, I just don’t have any respect for him. Like they both suck.”

It seems an ongoing feud with the Freire brothers will be ongoing for McKee in any divisions he decided to fight in. With a win at Bellator 286, he might just have a case to take on Particky for the lightweight strap soon.

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