The Chiefs’ history dates back beyond the beginnings of the NFL and is riddled with special moments, five of which fans hold onto particularly tightly.

The Kansas City Chiefs — formerly the Dallas Texans — were founded by the godfather of the AFC and have one of the most notable histories in the NFL. Since they relocated to Kansas City. and helped America to reimagine the potential of the NFL, Chiefs Kingdom has continued to grow alongside the pride and culture of the team. From the legendary origins of Lamar Hunt, Hank Stram and Len Dawson to the new school flash of Andy Reid and Patrick Mahomes, Kansas City has more than its share of highs.

Between championships and players, coaches and records, there is an inarguable list of special moments cherished by Chiefs Kingdom. These are the five that stand out the most.

Chiefs greatest moments No.5: Super Bowl IV

After losing the inaugural AFL-NFL World Championship game — later known as Super Bowl I — to the Green Bay Packers, the Chiefs returned to the Super Bowl in its fourth year and claimed their first NFL championship. Kansas City beat the Minnesota Vikings 23-7 in the organization’s first major crescendo.

It goes without saying that any team’s first championship is special to fans, but the Chiefs’ first was a bit different. After Lamar Hunt founded the AFL in 1959, relocated his team to Kansas City in 1963, and helped to negotiate the merger between his league and the NFL in1969, appearing in Super Bowl I and winning Super Bowl IV made the Chiefs the face of the AFC.

A significant championship drought followed Kansas City’s first title, but the Super Bowl IV win cemented the organization as a grassroots building block of the next 50 years of NFL competition and served as the baseline of pride in Chiefs’ Kingdom for generations.

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