Anthony Pettis is ready for his PFL semifinal against Stevie Ray, even though he is an underdog.

The PFL season is in full swing and the fighters of the lightweight division are getting ready for the semifinals. Maybe the most recognizable fighter in the division is former UFC champion, Anthony Pettis. When Pettis signed with the PFL he has certainly considered a favorite, but unfortunately for him, the fights have not all gone his way. He is now an underdog coming into his fight against Stevie Ray on August 5 at PFL 7.

“I like being the underdog actually and I think for my career I was an underdog a lot, you know, going into my title fights in the UFC and even WEC I was the underdog so I have my back against the wall. I think in this format and like I said having them two flights booked back to back knowing I had a guaranteed playoff spot. It made that last one just a little cloudy. I had never been in that position before and you know, I learned from the mistakes.”

Pettis is coming off a loss his last time out to Ray. Now heading into the playoff he is confident that he can get the win this time around. Pettis explained that he has had three rematches in his career and has never lost a rematch. Although this is the first time he lost the first fight and then ran it back.

In his last five fights, Stevie Ray has gone in a win-loss pattern. Pettis will be looking to continue that streak and hand Ray another loss on Friday night. He is on a mission to win the coveted million dollars at the end of the season of what could be his last year with PFL.

PFL Playoffs: Anthony Pettis vs. Stevie Ray takes place on Friday, Aug. 5, 2022, live from Madison Square Garden in New York, NY. Follow along with FanSided MMA who is on-site for all your news and highlights.

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