The Milwaukee Brewers took a chance on trading Josh Hader, and it seems they made the right decision by doing so.

The Milwaukee Brewers traded away Josh Hader at the deadline, which was a risky decision. However, it seems to be the right one. Hader’s ERA has gotten significantly worse over the past 17 games. He went from an ERA of 2.16 to 2.78.

Hader is having the worst season of his career. He showed a lot of potential over his first five seasons and hadn’t produced a WHIP above 1.00 until this season. Over his career, he’s produced an ERA of 2.78, batting average against of .156 and WHIP of 0.93.

This season, he’s had drastically different numbers with an ERA of 6.52, BAA of .250 and WHIP of 1.47. He also joined a team with better pitching stats, and he’s underperforming.

Former Brewers pitcher Josh Hader is underperforming with the San Diego Padres

Hader is underperforming with the San Diego Padres. The Padres have faults of their own this season, including an inconsistent lineup, but their rotation and bullpen have been holding the team together.

Among all MLB teams, the Padres have the 11th-best ERA (3.81), opponent batting average (.237) and 10th-best WHIP (1.22). The Brewers are just slightly behind with the 15th-best ERA (3.88) and 12th-best WHIP (1.24). Milwaukee does, however, have a much better OBA. They have the fifth-best in the league (.232).

The Padres didn’t need much help with their rotation and bullpen at the deadline, and Hader will need to work hard to prove himself. He has demonstrated potential in the past, but he’s out of touch with it this season.

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