“Bridgerton” star Ruby Barker says she has been receiving hospital treatment for mental health issues.The 25-year-old actress, who plays Marina Thompson in the hit Netflix period drama, shared in a video posted to her Instagram page on Thursday that she sought professional help because she wanted to deal with the “intergenerational trauma bundled up inside.”

Barker revealed that after being “really unwell for a really long time” she chose to focus on her mental health and is “better.”








The ‘worst’ drivers in Europe revealed. Planning on a European vacation this summer? Look out for aggressive, dangerous and drunk drivers — at least, according to the Europeans.

A new survey has found that 79% of them have a negative opinion of their fellow drivers — while, of course, 97% of them take pride in their own excellent driving.

The survey of 12,400 Europeans in March 2022 was commissioned by France’s Vinci Autoroutes, which manages French freeways. It was conducted by polling company Ipsos, which asked at least 1,000 people in each of 11 countries about their own driving habits, and those of their fellow drivers, at home and abroad.

By the looks of it, vacationing drivers will be in for a shock. A whopping 42% of Poles said that driving is about “every man for himself” (compared with just 7% of Spaniards), while a quarter of Brits claimed not to be the same person behind the wheel as in front of it.

This week in travel, London opened a $25 billion new metro line, Bombardier announced a supersonic breakthrough for its super-fast jet, and America’s best beaches have been revealed.

This weekend is the Memorial Day holiday in the States — the unofficial start of summer — and more than 39 million people are expected to be traveling.

America’s top beach expert — a.k.a. “Dr. Beach” — has released his annual roundup of the best sandy stretches in the US. This year, the top spot goes to a wild expanse in North Carolina.

For those making plans farther afield, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has added five new destinations to its “high” risk category for travelers, including the Bahamas.

But while travel is up, passengers are still being hit by flight delays and cancellations caused by staffing issues and other factors. Delta just became the latest airline to “strategically decrease” its flights for the months ahead, following JetBlue and Alaska Airlines.

It’s set to be a season of high prices and extra hassle. Here are some tips for saving on gas if you’re hitting the road this summer.

The survey also takes on national stereotypes and — often — finds them to be true. Just 16% of Italian drivers said that their fellow Italians were polite, while 14% of French drivers reckon that French drivers are stressed.

True to form, the Brits seemed the most self-effacing, reckoning that just 68% of their fellow drivers paid attention, and under half being calm and courteous.

However, when it came to judging other nations, things looked a little different. The Germans — known for their hyper-speedy autobahns — decided that just 30% of other countries’ drivers were aggressive, and even fewer irresponsible.

The least judgmental were the Spanish and the Brits, 70% of whom had something negative to say about their friends on mainland Europe. That sounds like a lot, till you hear about the others.

If you’re heading to Greece this summer, you might want to get a good night’s sleep and grab a coffee before hitting the road to make sure you’re on top form. The Greeks were the most critical of other nations’ driving habits, with 91% of them using negative descriptions of their peers.

The Elizabeth line, London’s huge new underground railway, finally opened on May 24 — four years behind schedule. Large crowds of rail enthusiasts and excited locals turned out to catch the first trains in what is the biggest new development in the city’s rail network for half a century.

Elsewhere in rail news, the European Interrail pass turns 50 this year. The budget multi-country rail ticket, originally open to travelers under 21, opened up the continent to generations of young people and is still going strong today.

Having said that, they also came top for self-reported “uncivil behavior” in their own cars, with just about half reporting swearing, honking, overtaking on the wrong side of the road, or leaping out of the car to have words with another driver. They were also the country most likely to tailgate an ‘annoying’ car in front. So keep those eyes on the rear view mirror if you’re planning a trip to Greece this summer — or consider Slovakia, which came bottom in the tailgating table.

Greece also topped the board of drivers who use their phones while driving, with 77% admitting they make calls, and 83% reporting using their smartphone at the wheel. Spain came bottom of this table, with 62% using their smartphones while driving.

Greece also scored the highest on dangerous driving, with around a third of drivers admitting to behaviors like speeding, skipping a red light, not slowing down for roadworks, and not keeping a safe distance between cars.

Meanwhile only 20% of Greeks could muster anything positive to say about other nations’ drivers, while the UK again topped the board, with 50% saying nice things about their rivals.

The survey isn’t the only nightmare holidaymakers are facing in Europe this year. The ‘carmageddon’ is pushing car rental rates to record highs, while the UK is continuing to see dozens of flights canceled daily.

Canadian manufacturer Bombardier has announced that its upcoming Global 8000 plane, which it says will be “the world’s fastest and longest-range purpose-built business jet,” has gone supersonic in tests. The aircraft is expected to enter service in 2025.

Meanwhile a US-Spanish startup called Skydweller Aero is developing a solar-powered airplane capable of staying in the air for months at a time.

If you’re returning to flying post-Covid but are concerned about how to reduce your carbon footprint, we’ve put together this guide to more sustainable flying, from alternative fuels to rationing trips.

Is it getting hot in here? Earlier this month, we looked at the “erotic” origins of cannolo, Sicily’s most famous pastry. And in other surprising Italian news, this week we dove into how American-style cheesecake was born in ancient Rome.

A group of US engineering students has come up with an ingenious invention that could solve the problem of messy lunches, and in Washington DC, “Nomad with Carlton McCoy” this month visited the city’s oldest fish market and sampled DC’s unique take on the hot dog.

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