St. Louis Cardinals veteran Albert Pujols is in his last career season, and fans are finding unique ways to support him as he comes close to making history.

St. Louis Cardinals veteran Albert Pujols is ending his final season on a high note, and fans know just how close he is to making history. Pujols is chasing 700 home runs over his career, which would make him the fourth player in MLB history to hit that many.

Cardinals fans stood during Pujols’ entire pinch-hit at-bat on Sunday.

He unfortunately didn’t homer during that AB, but he’s just seven away from hitting 700. If he does, he’ll join Barry Bonds, Hank Aaron and Babe Ruth in reaching that mark.

Though Pujols would like to join the 700 home run club, he’s still set on retiring if he doesn’t.

Cardinals: Albert Pujols power numbers won’t impact legacy

Pujols has made it clear many times that his time in MLB is up after this season. Whether he reaches his home run goal or falls short of it won’t change that.

He told Bob Nightengale of USA Today, “I’m still going to retire, no matter whether I end up hitting 693, 696, 700, whatever. I don’t get caught up in numbers. If you were going to tell me 22 years ago that I would be this close, I would have told you that you’re freakin’ crazy. My career has been amazing.”

Though his retirement will be sentimental for many, he’s achieved a lot over his lengthy career and will forever be remembered as the best hitter of his generation.

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