The colonizing empire with the white savior complex used to justify murdering and torturing countless civilians? Interesting. “’The British Empire was not perfect, but it was far more humane than any other ever. It was an impressive place run by impressive people,” Carlson said. Kenya, Ireland and any other country sucked into the empire’s colonial rule would beg to differ.

Tucker Carlson stood up to The Queen’s haters Thursday night, reported The Daily Mail. While a number of people were heartbroken about the news of her passing, there were a lot who were elated by the announcement. Carlson said the world will never see an empire so “benign.”

It comes as no surprise that a white supremacist would get googly eyes over a reign of white supremacy. That “colonial responsibility” was really them abusing their power and disrupting people’s way of life. “In the real world, the one we live in, strong countries dominate weak countries,” Carlson said. That’s the problem: No one should idolize this trend and after the past couple centuries, it shouldn’t still be the norm.

Trust me, no one over here is jealous of the postwar era when The Queen took the throne nor the monarchy itself. The very least they did was consider reparations for the countries they plumaged which Carlson would call nonsense if a Black American suggested said reparations from the government.

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