The Chicago Cubs’ mascot Clark took a familial shot at William Contreras on Father’s Day.

It may have been a special weekend for Willson and William Contreras at Wrigley Field, but the Chicago Cubs mascot Clark let it be known who is their father’s favorite on Father’s Day.

While the elder Contreras brother is living his best life on the North Side of Chicago behind the dish, the younger is part of the best catching platoon in baseball with Travis d’Arnaud on the Atlanta Braves. Though Chicago may not complete the series sweep of the reigning World Series champions, Clark made it a point to tell everyone at Wrigley Field that Willson is the preferred son.

The only bear I will ever listen on Clark is Brian Urlacher because that man is absolutely terrifying.

Cubs mascot Clark trolls Braves catcher William Contreras on Father’s Day

Look. Every parent is supposed to love their children equally, but that is not always the case. Clark may be privy to some serious inside information here, but this anthropomorphic cub will never tell a soul because he is in fact a mute. Truth be told, had this series been at Truist Park in the Atlanta suburbs, you know all and well Blooper would be so ’bout that. Blooper always wants the smoke.

The cool part in all this is the Contreras brothers are huge part of their respective teams. Willson is arguably the best player on the rebuilding Cubs, while William is pushing for playing time with d’Arnaud, one sweet swing at a time. The good news is mom and pop should be so, so proud of their boys. It is not every day your son is a big-league catcher, let alone two in the National League.

Ultimately, this should be the last game of the Cubs vs. Braves season series. They already played their first series against each other in Atlanta earlier in the year. Unless the Cubs catch fire in the second half like the Braves did a season ago, Atlanta and Chicago will have to wait until next year before meeting on the baseball diamond again. In the meantime, we will enjoy these Contrerases.

Why bother keeping up with the Joneses when you can try and keep up with these Contrerases?

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