In a wild series of DWCS week 2 fights, UFC president Dana White ended up ecstatic with the results and awarded 5 UFC contracts to the victors.

Following a lackluster fighter performance in Week 1 that only saw one contract emerge, UFC president Dana White awarded five UFC contracts in a Week 2 performance which he described via the broadcast as “one of the all-time best” Dana White Contender Series episodes. The five new UFC fighters include Chris Duncan, Vinicius de Almeida Salvador, Billy Goff, Waldo Cortes-Acosta, and Francis Marshall.

In the first bout, Goff took hard shots from DWCS veteran Shimon Smotritsky but came back strong to knock out Smotritsky at 3:37 in the first round. Goff was warmly welcomed into the UFC welterweight division by White.

In the second fight, Cortes-Acosta took out Danilo Suzart via TKO by punches at 3:40 in Round 1, resulting in Cortes-Acosta being the only Dominican fighter in the UFC. The third bout saw Marshall defeating Connor Matthews via unanimous decision, which White proclaimed via the broadcast “could be placed in any UFC prelim card.”

All five DWCS week 2 winners received UFC contracts

The penultimate fight resulted in de Almeida Salvador defeating Shannon Ross via TKO punches in Round 2, at 4:22. In a rare occurrence after Salvador’s fight, White walked into the octagon to congratulate both fighters. The final fight was an exhilarating back-and-forth war that left White stunned, with Duncan defeating Charlie Campbell via KO.

DWCS Week 2 results:

Chris Duncan w/ Charlie Campbell (KO) – Round 1, 1:43

Vinicius Salvador w/ Shannon Ross (TKO) – Round 2, 4:22

Francis Marshall w/ Connor Matthews (Decision)

Waldo Cortes-Acosta w/ Danilo Suzart (TKO) – Round 1, 3:40

Billy Goff w/ Shimon Smotritsky (TKO) – Round 1, 3:37

All five winners on Tuesday’s episode took home a contract making the season total six, so far. Next week DWCS returns with another batch of fighters vying for their shot at impressing enough to win the highly-coveted contract.

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