In order to make a 53-man roster, the Green Bay Packers are tasked with cutting 25 players from their team in one day. Here’s an updated list of the major players getting cut. 

Green Bay may have their quarterback spot locked down, but there are many other positions in which players are jostling for an NFL opportunity. Even at the quarterback position, there’s competition further down the line as to who will back up Aaron Rodgers and in what order.

Green Bay is tasked with with cutting a 78-man roster down to a 53-man roster in one day, meaning 25 players will be sent out of the building. Some may return on the practice squad, some may sign with other teams, and some may even find the success Robert Tonyan did after being released from Green Bay.

Whether or not they’ll follow Tonyan’s path remains to be seen, but here are some of the major cuts from the Green Bay roster on Aug. 30.

Green Bay Packers roster cuts

Green Bay Packers surprise roster cuts: Danny Etling (QB)

With Aaron Rodgers and Jordan Love on the roster, Green Bay have released quarterback Danny Etling.

Etling saw his best preseason performance this season, and his quarterback rating wasn’t far off from what Chicago Bears quarterback Justin Fields saw this preseason.

Considering his talent, Etling could very well return as the No. 3 quarterback with a spot on the practice quad. The LSU product has carved out a surprising NFL role for himself in Green Bay. Don’t be surprised to see him back with the team in some capacity.

A comprehensive list of Green Bay Packers releases

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