New York Mets pitcher Jacob deGrom is finally back in MLB after more than a year, and his performance certainly didn’t disappoint.

New York Mets pitcher Jacob deGrom made his season debut Tuesday night and pitched a great game. This was his first MLB appearance since early July of 2021.

Over five innings, deGrom struck out six and allowed just one run. The Mets lost 5-1 against the Washington Nationals, but deGrom prevented a much worse downfall. He stated after the game that he “felt good” about his performance.

“Felt good. Definitely had some nerves early on. But like I said, it’s been a year-plus since I’ve been out there, so it was definitely exciting. Wish for a different outcome, but definitely happy to be back out there.” -Jacob deGrom, via ESPN

He plans on preparing for the Atlanta Braves series “like normal.”

If deGrom continues to pitch as well as he has in the past, he could easily become one of the best starting pitchers in New York’s rotation, and a playoff threat.

Jacob deGrom may become one of the Mets best starting pitchers this season

deGrom is a phenomenal pitcher and has only had three seasons of his nine season career where his WHIP went above 1.00. Over his last full season in 2019 before being shut down from covid and injury, he produced an ERA of 2.43, batting average against of .207 and WHIP of 0.97 over 204 innings.

He’s comparable to starting pitcher Max Scherzer, who’s produced an ERA of 2.13, BAA of .203 and WHIP of 0.92 over 88.2 innings so far this season.

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