YouTuber turned boxer KSI fought musician Swamrz for his first of two fights at The O2 Arena in London, England. It was as ugly as expected. 

Social media stars and internet celebrities turned boxers attract a lot of criticism, and KSI vs. Swarmz showed why.

YouTuber turned boxer KSI was supposed to fight fellow social media star Alex Wassabi on Aug. 27 at The O2 Arena in London, England. Wassabi pulled out of the fight due to injury, and KSI devised a different fight night plan.

He recruited rapper Swarmz for a 3-round boxing bout and professional boxer Luis Alcaraz Pineda for another on the same night.

Swarmz came in on two weeks notice and with no boxing experience, which showed. KSI smashed Swarmz with an overhand right seconds into the fight.

KSI knocked out rapper Swarmz in round 2 of his two-fight lineup at The O2 Arena in London, England

KSI continued to hunt Swarmz down, who ran away and oddly spun around in 360-degree turns to avoid KSI’s punches. It was a right hand that dropped Swarmz for the first time.

Swarmz got up with about 40 seconds left in round 1 and continued his spinning retreat. He tripped over his feet during one of many spins and sent himself to the canvas in a sad display.

A few seconds into round 2, KSI knocked Swarmz down with a left hook. Smarmz stayed on the canvas while the referee counted him out.

It’s hard to call KSI vs. Swarmz a boxing bout. KSI came in shape and looked like a boxer, and Swarmz looked like a rapper who watched very little boxing on T.V. Not many took this fight seriously, and it’s easy to see why.

KSI’s publicity stunt paid off, though, as he sold out The O2 Arena. Next up is Pineda, who has a 2-5 record. He will fight KSI later in the night in another 3-round bout.

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