Lee Corso was a tough hang as he struggled his way through the first College Gameday of the season.

There’s really no delicate way to get into it; Lee Corso’s return to College Gameday this season was really rough to watch.

It took less than one segment with the Gameday icon for fans to begin wondering aloud why Lee Corso hasn’t retired yet and openly worrying about him as he struggled through the points he was trying to make.

Corso’s segment in which he tried to explain his SEC title game prediction and the path to the National Championship Game was particularly alarming and painful to watch.

There’s nothing fun about this. Everything about this sucks, and Corso deserves better.

Corso’s cognitive function hasn’t been the same since he suffered a stroke in 2009. He made a miraculous recovery and return to College Gameday just a few months after his stroke, but his trademark zip has faded. He’s also nearly 90 years old, and while there’s no doubting his enthusiasm for College Football, little evidence exists to suggest we all keep doing this.

It all reeks of exploitation and it just feels extremely dirty. For all that Corso has done not only for the game but for how we savor the flavor of feasting on Saturday slates, he deserves so much more than to be someone we awkwardly wait to stop talking.

Rather than troll Corso for mumbling and stumbling through what he had to say, Twitter showed something it rarely seems capable of in tabling the snark and showing genuine concern.

That’s how bad things have become, Twitter was in universal agreement that what is happening to Corso is sad, sick, and unfair to everyone involved.

No one wants to see the Lee Corso era end — not fans, likely not ESPN, and most certainly not Corso himself — but it’s time. For the sake of everyone, most notably Corso, the legend needs to be allowed to ride off into the sunset as the icon he was and we’ll always remember him as and not whatever is happening now.

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