New York Yankees pitcher Lou Trivino is still getting accustomed to playing for New York, and he showed that by nearly entering a game with the wrong jersey.

New York Yankees pitcher Lou Trivino was just traded to New York at the deadline, and he’s still getting accustomed to a new team. He faced his former team, the Oakland Athletics, on Friday night for the first time since being traded and accidentally wore the wrong jersey while warming up.

Luckily, he was wearing the right team jersey. He wasn’t doing well with the Athletics, but he seems to be doing better with the Yankees.

He pitched 39 games with the Athletics this season and produced an ERA of 6.47, batting average against of .326 and WHIP of 1.88. With New York, he’s pitched 11 games and produced a much better ERA of 1.00, BAA of .206 and WHIP of 1.33. Though it’s still early into his trade, he seems to be returning back to his usual performance.

Despite this being an off-season for Trivino, the Athletics are struggling too much to keep around players who are underperforming. The Yankees, on the other hand, have enough room to work on pitchers who have potential but need help finding it.

New York Yankees may help Lou Trivino find his potential

The Yankees don’t necessarily need help with their roster in pitching. Among all MLB teams, they have the third-best ERA (3.32), third-best opponent batting average (.218) and second-best WHIP (1.11).

They are, however, investing in the future of their team. Trivino isn’t the best pitcher, but he’s shown a lot of potential in the past that could develop him into a great and reliable player.

The Yankees need to continue investing in their future and signing players with potential if they want to continue having a well-rounded and developed team for years to come.

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