Chicago Cubs pitcher Marcus Stroman torched a hated home run ball collector on Twitter amidst a controversial YouTube video and thread of Tweets.

Chicago Cubs pitcher Marcus Stroman responded to a thread of Tweets arising from a home run ball collector complaining about security at a Colorado Rockies game. The collector, Zack Hample, uploaded a YouTube video titled “Dear MLB: This is NOT HOW TO TREAT FANS at games — more drama at Coors Field.”

Hample posted the video to his Twitter, which garnered several reactions. Stroman responded to one of the negative reactions, to which Hample responded to Stroman with, “Dear Marcus, thanks for the ball you threw me before Game 2 of the 2016 ALDS in Arlington.”

Stroman then responded, “It’s truly comical how much of a loser you are. Grown [expletive] man taking baseballs away from the youth and making videos complaining about security doing their jobs. You’re the definition of a clown. Lol.”

Stroman isn’t known for being controversial, so the situation must have truly struck a nerve.

Cubs pitcher Marcus Stroman typically sticks to business

Stroman is typically just publicly focused on getting the job done and doesn’t typically engage in drama or controversy. He’s not having the best season. So far, he’s produced an ERA of 4.10, batting average against of .246 and WHIP of 1.22.

Overall, the Cubs don’t have a great rotation. Among all MLB teams, Chicago has the eighth-worst ERA (4.21), ninth-worst opponent batting average (.249) and sixth-worst WHIP (1.33).

Despite a tough season, Stroman at least won’t have to worry about hitting a homer to Hample because he doesn’t typically hit.

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