Home plate umpire Jansen Visconti ejected Tigers manager AJ Hinch, and then threatened to do the same to Miguel Cabrera for arguing a strike call.

Hinch very rarely argues with umpires — he’s more of a reserved, analytical mind. However, his patience was tested on Sunday against the Texas Rangers. After a low strike call on Robbie Grossman (not the first of the game, I might add) Hinch had enough.

The Detroit manager rushed out to home plate to not only protect his player, but perhaps say what Grossman could in the moment.

George Lombard took over as acting manager when Hinch was ejected. He got his two words in though.

Unfortunately for Visconti, that is not where his criticism ended. After Hinch was thrown out, Miguel Cabrera picked up where he left off from the dugout.

Cabrera, who was not in the lineup to start the game, was heard chirping from the dugout. The ump Visconti had enough, yelling back at the future Hall of Famer to keep his thoughts to himself.

Tigers: AJ Hinch, Miguel Cabrera try to wake up dormant ball-club

Detroit has been far worse than expected this season. In 2021, they took a major step forward, and some pundits thoughts they could contend for a playoff spot in the AL before the year.

Obviously, that has not come to fruition. Detroit sits in fourth in a less-than-challenging AL Central, and are 15 games under the .500 mark. The promotion of Riley Greene could help some, but the Tigers need to start hitting and fast.

Hinch and Cabrera can only do so much. A team-only meeting was met with a loss the very next day earlier this week. If Sunday’s efforts don’t do the trick, nothing will.

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