Los Angeles Angels star Shohei Ohtani hits free agency in just a few years, and pundits are already predicting where he may go.

Los Angeles Angels star Shohei Ohtani will be eligible for free agency in 2024, and several pundits and execs are already predicting where he may end up. An MLB executive who spoke with The Athletic predicted Ohtani could go to the Dodgers, Giants or Mariners.

“I don’t think he’s an East Coast guy. My first instinct is to say Dodgers or Giants. But I actually don’t think he would go to the Dodgers just because it would look like he’s sticking it to the Angels. I could see him going to Seattle. But West Coast. That’s my guess.” -MLB executive, via The Athletic

The Angels star likely won’t face any issues in free agency. A few teams were reportedly interested in him for the trade deadline this year, but he’s so talented the front office wasn’t ready to part with him just yet.

Shohei’s talent is truly unique in the league and hard to replace.

Angels star Shohei Ohtani brings irreplaceable talent

Ohtani is an incredible pitcher and is unique because he’s also often used as a multifaceted force.

The 28-year-old is currently having his best season on the mound. He’s produced an ERA of 2.83, batting average against of .215 and WHIP of 1.04.

In 380 at-bats, he’s hit .258/.352/.508 for an OPS of .860. Ohtani remains a legitimate power threat, and could even finish near the top of the AL MVP voting once again in 2022, despite his team’s place in the standings.

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