Beer was free at Aviva Stadium in Ireland due to an internet outage. Fans managed to clean out the entire stadium.

The 2022 college football season officially got underway on Saturday, Aug. 27, and the very first game of the day took place between Nebraska and Northwestern in Dublin, Ireland. Drinking beer and watching football in Ireland, how could things get even better? Well, what if the beer and alcohol was free due to the internet servers going down in the stadium?

According to the Omaha World-Herald, Aviva Stadium’s credit card machine could not connect to the internet. So, all of the concessions were being given away for free. Fans at the venue took that as a challenge, as those who were there could attest that all of the beer was sold out!

Nebraska, Northwestern fans dry up beer kegs in Ireland

No matter the venue, once the beer is free, you can guarantee that there is going to be none left.

During the game, one section of fans decided to use their cups to make a beer snake, and it was quite a sight to behold.

As for the game, Northwestern fans had plenty to celebrate. Nebraska took a 28-17 lead on a 46-yard run by Anthony Grant, his second touchdown of the game. The Wildcats bounced back to take a 31-28 lead on a three-yard run by Cam Grant and a four-yard run by Evan Hull.

Northwestern punted the ball back to Nebraska with a little over two minutes remaining after killing 4:18 off the game clock on nine plays. The Cornhuskers attempted to work their way from their own four-yard line to at least get in field goal range. However, a throw by Casey Thompson up the middle of the field was deflected by receiver Wyatt Liewer, leading to linebacker Xander Mueller intercepting it to essentially end the game.

Never forget when fans managed to dry out all of the beer kegs at the Nebraska-Northwestern game at Aviva Stadium.

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