This Oklahoma football fan has all the answers, which includes promoting Jeff Lebby to head coach, while simultaneously demoting Brent Venables to defensive coordinator.

The say it out loud theory must be applied to this poor Oklahoma football fan’s not so sound logic.

While offensive coordinator Jeff Lebby may be a head coach one day, he is not the coach in waiting in Norman, and there is no way in hell first-time head coach Brent Venables will willingly take a demotion to be the Sooners defensive coordinator. Something similar may have worked in Remember the Titans, but this is not 1971 Alexandria, Virginia or a flipping Disney movie, man!

Although both men could serve in those roles down the line, they are not trading places one bit.

Oklahoma football fan suggests Jeff Lebby and Brent Venables trade places

When Lincoln Riley went TBOW on Oklahoma, Sooner fans were no doubt in a state of panic. I mean, why would they not be? When does a top three program in the history of college football ever get left at the altar? Then again, Oklahoma will be knocked down a peg once it joins the SEC. The Sooners will go from the best team in the Big 12 to maybe in the top five in their new league.

Fortunately, Venables is the right defensive-minded head coach and recruiter to help OU make the transition. After leaving Oklahoma the first time, he reinvented himself as one of the best coordinators in college football over the last decade at Clemson. They won national championships there. Most importantly, they won in the trenches, which is Venables’ absolute recruiting specialty.

Of course, he needed to pair himself with an on-the-rise offensive coordinator. Lebby is back in Norman as well. If all goes right for him over the next two years, he will be a Power Five head coach somewhere, alright. Most importantly, he was the biggest reason why Dillon Gabriel transferred from UCF to OU this offseason. Their previous working relationship was a big factor.

Though OU will have success, Venables and Lebby are not switching roles on this Sooners staff.

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