Larry the Cable Guy and Northwestern offensive line coach Kurt Anderson let Nebraska head football coach Scott Frost have it after the Cornhuskers lost to the Wildcats over in Dublin.

When Larry the Cable Guy and Northwestern’s offensive line coach rip you on Twitter, you know you’re having a bad time.

Somehow, someway, Scott Frost and the Nebraska Cornhuskers lost to the Northwestern Wildcats 31-28 in their Week 0 game over in Dublin. Nebraska had all the momentum before moronically attempting an onside kick on the Northwestern special teams unit. The Cornhuskers would not score again, as Pat Fitzgerald’s Wildcats pulled off the upset everybody saw coming.

Larry the Cable Guy says there will be a course study on why Frost decided to onside kick it there.

No only did Frost not Git R Done, but Kurt Anderson takes great pride in the fact his offensive line only threw up four times during all of training camp up in Evanston.

This is what four pukes and a cloud of dust football looks like, alright. Nebraska is so screwed…

Northwestern offensive line coach and Larry the Cable Guy roast Scott Frost

Even though Kirk Herbstreit picked the Huskers to win the Big Ten West this year, Frost is more likely to be fired before his new buyout kicks in on Oct. 1, 2022 than winning anything of note and getting to the sacred Big Ten football Mecca known as Indianapolis. For a guy who did not lose a game five years ago leading Group of Five UCF, how is Frost this bad at leading his alma mater?

Look. Even if Nebraska never returns to Tommie Frazier running the wishbone for Tom Osborne glory, the Cornhuskers should still be a top-25-caliber team in this era of college football. They may not have a natural recruiting base, but NIL can help bridge the gap, much like we expect it will in SEC country for Tennessee. Football matters so, so much to Nebraska fans. This is so painful…

Although Trev Alberts is not Decoldest athletic director to ever do it, people were seriously thinking the former Butkus winner would freaking tarmac the former Osborne-era quarterback in Dublin. Even though they are not winning games, at least Nebraska has dignity, unlike Pat Haden doing his part to run the USC Trojans into the ground last decade. Thank god, Lincoln Riley is here!

Like Green Day once suggested, we will wake you guys up when September ends, Nebraska fans.

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