Scott Frost’s postgame quotes after Nebraska football lost the season opener in Ireland to Northwestern varied from sad to pathetic.

What do you say when your seat is boiling hot and your team was just defeated by a 12-point underdog?

Nebraska head coach Scott Frost had to figure that out on Saturday as his Cornhuskers rang in the new season with utter disappointment.

Northwestern flipped an 11-point deficit in the third quarter into a 31-28 victory over the Huskers. After the game, Frost had to face the music.

Scott Frost postgame quotes give the impression of a broken man

Reporters were eager to ask about Frost’s decision to go for an onside kick after Nebraska went up 28-17 in the third quarter. It didn’t fool the Wildcats in the slightest, instead giving them good field position from which they scored the first of their final two touchdowns.

“If I had it over, I wouldn’t make the call,” Frost admitted per Mitch Sherman of The Athletic.

The people in the room might not have said it, but everyone had to be thinking it: Duh.

It was a silly decision, one that backfired immediately. Frost got too creative for his own good. Which is funny considering what he had to say about his offensive staff.

The head coach essentially threw new offensive coordinator Mark Whipple under the bus after just one game.

“I think our offensive staff has to learn you’ve got to be a little more creative in this league,” Frost said, per Dennis Dodd of CBS Sports.

Sure, Nebraska’s offense could have performed better, but the defense gave up 527 yards, including 214 rushing yards, so there seem to be much bigger issues than offensive creativity on the team.

An Irish reporter asked the ultimate question at the end of Frost’s presser: Would he consider stepping down as head coach?

“No. I love Nebraska. I’m going to fight with the guys as long as I can fight,” Frost said.

The truth is, he probably doesn’t have much longer to fight.

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