South Carolina has the audacity to ignore its fanbase when it came to renaming its live mascot.

The L should be capitalized in South Carolina today after what the university did to its fanbase.

With a tremendous opportunity to rename Sir Big Spur something absolutely epic, here came the university figureheads to snuff the rooster. Despite a newspaper poll essentially demanding the fowl be rechristened as Cock Commander, they decided to listen to Shaq’s advice and go with “The General”. NIL money be damned, South Carolina missed out on making even more selling merch…

Coming in at a salacious 69 percent was Cock Commander. The world missed out big time here.

I haven’t been this upset since Admiral Akbar wasn’t allowed to be the new Ole Miss mascot. Although I have grown to like Landshark Tony like a baby shark little brother (do, do, do!), I never thought I would be this absolutely crestfallen when it came to renaming an SEC mascot, much less a live one. At worst, it should have been named after the Head Ball Coach. He would have loved it!

South Carolina refuses to listen to its fanbase by going with “The General”

Look. This isn’t a freaking Dispatch concert. There is nothing mellow about SEC football games. We want to see all of Williams-Brice Stadium pulsating and slinging towels to some Sandstorm en route to a 7-5 season for the rest of time. The simple fact 18 to 23-year-old men cannot wear Cock Commander t-shirts to match their three-bar hat with COCKS in the middle of it is insulting!

It doesn’t matter if you have to explain this to your children or not. You’re an adult. Figure it out. In the meantime, this is what happens when you choose to have Gamecocks be the official nickname of your athletic teams. You did sign up for this, alright. So while reminding people that General Thomas Sumter’s nickname was “The Fighting Gamecock”, have you ever seen a photo of him???

People lie when they paint portraits of people, just like they lie about going to the school of the college football team they feverishly support. It’s understandable, but are y’all gonna rename Cocky now? Like noted Outsider Ponyboy Curtis once prophecized, “nothing gold can stay.” It’s as if The Karate Kid died for nothing. It is okay to be upset about this, because we’re all living in 1984…

Not until we see Shaq deejaying some Sandstorm and slinging a towel overhead with this be okay.

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