Atlanta Braves emerging legend Spencer Strider stans for men’s rights to grow epic mustaches.

The man, the myth, the legend, the mustache, Spencer Strider.

One of the Atlanta Braves‘ newest sensations knows all and well how truly awesome it is to grow thick, coarse facial hair emanating above one’s upper lip. Without question, it is one of the greatest things a man can do in his life. It is such a majestic feat even the New York Yankees who force their players to groom themselves like cops will allow mustaches to run buck wild, Don Mattingly style.

So when you come at the king of majestically masculine baseball mustaches, you best not miss.

The legend of Spencer Strider is growing by the nanosecond. Please be still, my heart, okay?

Spencer Strider stans for a man’s right to grow a mustache on Father’s Day

With a fastball akin to only Nolan Ryan’s and looks that even Derek Zoolander would be mad jealous of, Strider is becoming a cult hero faster in Atlanta than you can say Javy Lopez. “Stache N Gas” is the nickname he did not know he needed, but like sporting supremely dominant facial hair above one’s upper lip, it just feels right. Guess who I am dressing up for Halloween this year as???

Even though Strider’s MLB career is just taking off, he has the chance to be the millennial version of facial hair mastery like Rollie Fingers was for boomers. He does not even need to use copious amounts of mustache wax to prove his point. Strider throws the baseball so hard that it can melt candles by the sheer amount of heat it generates. Hey, little thing let me light your candle ’cause…

His heater may be hard to handle from 60 feet and six inches away, but nothing is greater than when he shakes his moneymaker whilst twirling like a ballerina, one punch out after another. Very rarely does one recognize they are in the presence of greatness until well after the fact. The good news is Strider is an absolute champion playing for the absolute reigning champions of baseball.

Yeah, you can try to make Strider get rid of his mustache, but you better be ready for his heater.

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