The Boston Red Sox saw Jarren Duran join a teammate on the unvaccinated list ahead of their trip to Toronto.

Jarren Duran is the latest player on the unvaccinated list, putting the Boston Red Sox in a tough predicament because a lot is on the line.

Duran joins Tanner Houck on this list after informing a Boston publication that he doesn’t have the COVID-19 vaccine.

Regardless it’s his choice to get the vaccine or not, and while it is his choice, this decision is inconvenient for the Red Sox. These players know the rules for traveling internationally, and now they will not have him or Houck for a game that could decide the American League Wild Card spot.

Jarren Duran is one of many Red Sox players on the unvaccinated list

At this point, the Red Sox could evaluate whether or not Duran is a good fit for the team. He hasn’t played well this season, and now they cannot use him in one of the biggest series of the season.

This decision could cost him his spot on the Red Sox, which is unfortunate because something like that shouldn’t have to. I’m not bashing him for not being vaccinated because it is his choice, but playing baseball is his job, so it’s hard to feel sorry for him.

Boston could find someone else who is having a better season and can travel to replace him because, at this point, it’s costing them more for him to sit at home than it is for him to play poorly for them.

Even though he has played better recently, it hasn’t been consistent enough for this situation to be okay. It puts the Red Sox in a tight spot, and that doesn’t help anyone.

Maybe missing this trip will make him reevaluate his decision, but if it doesn’t, that’s okay too because these things will work themselves out.

However, it’ll be up to the Red Sox whether they decide to do something about it to help them be more successful or keep him in Boston.

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