As it turns out, Texas A&M’s Hall of Champions is the saddest thing you will ever learn exists.

Texas A&M may have a Hall of Champions, but it was built on the backs of those blessed with Five-Star Hearts who later went on to become Champions of Life.

No amount of Leadership Reps could have gotten these champions rings while they were in school at College Station. In fact, this most hilarious self-own on TexasAgs was fuel to the fire for Fifth Quarter LSU. If you or anybody you have ever met in this lifetime says they played a major team sport of note for Texas A&M and said they were a champion, they were lying through their teeth.

I mean, look at this list, gang. It reads like all the things Rick Astley said he was never gonna do…

Texas A&M’s Hall of Champions is all that Butch Jones could have ever hoped for

After reading through essentially the lamest list of never have I ever, you almost feel bad for Texas A&M and Gig Em Nation. It is a rabid fanbase, with a Cult of Personality. One would have thought the Aggies would have won something of note since The Junction Boys days of Paul “Bear” Bryant football, but here we are. At least the Aggies tried buck the trend while they played ball in Omaha…

Ultimately, Texas A&M is going to win a championship of note at some point, strictly based on how seriously the university is taking team athletics these days. The Aggies football team is recruiting at a championship level under Jimbo Fisher. While they play in the same conference as national powers Alabama and Georgia, eventually, the Aggies are going to get past the Dawgs and the Tide.

In the meantime, LSU and every other SEC rival of the Aggies can enjoy the hilarious fact that Texas A&M has a Hall of Champions that never won diddly poo. The only way this hall improves is if Texas A&M University gives the one and only Butch Jones an honorary doctorate and enshrines him as the supreme Champion of Life who built his Five-Star Heart, one Leadership Rep at a time.

Whenever the Aggies face the Vols on the gridiron, can it please be called The Butch Jones Classic?

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