NFL quarterback Tom Brady and rapper Pusha T shared ringing endorsements of one another as Brady called Pusha T’s “It’s Almost Dry” the “Album of the year.”

“Walk it down like Brady, gets better with time.”

Pusha T’s line likening his own decades-long musical career to Brady’s unexpected ascent to the top adds another layer to their shared story: both Brady and Push, men who were born in 1977, are not expected to remain relevant in what’s considered a young man’s game.

For Brady, that meant leading the league in passing touchdowns and passing yards while claiming every remaining NFL record among quarterbacks. And for Pusha T, that meant dropping his fourth studio album, “It’s Almost Dry.”

After what was considered a snub for Best Album at the 2019 Grammys when King Push’s “Daytona” didn’t receive any accolades, Brady is calling 2022 for Pusha T: this year, he’s destined to win Album of the Year. From one GOAT to another, Brady endorsed Push’s album by playing “Dreamin of the Past” while bragging about his 1,124 career rushing yards.

Brady couldn’t miss a chance to plug the release of running gear for his BRADY clothing line, but at least he generated some buzz for the guy who shouted him out on the preordained “album of the year.”

Tom Brady shouts out Pusha T with ‘Album of the year’ nod

Like Tom Brady, Pusha T has remained relevant not by kowtowing to contemporary trends in hip hop, but by balancing his past with his present, melding his life selling cocaine in his youth with the illustrious wealth he enjoys today.

Even in “Dreamin of the Past“, Push dedicates bars on bars to how current rappers just aren’t the same: “You ain’t flexin’ / You crampin’.”

“Now pass the champagne to the champion,” Push continues a few lines later.

Brady hasn’t altered his method to success much, either. While he’s spent plenty of offseasons perfecting his form with Tom House, Brady hasn’t drastically changed as a pocket-passer in a league enamored by mobile quarterbacks. He may be proud of his 1,000-plus careers rushing yards, but that’s something Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson accomplished in one season. Twice.

In their 45 years of experience, it seems that Brady and Pusha can agree on a few things. The two came up in different eras, honing their craft in the early 2000s to become world-renowned for what they do. Both seem to be getting better with time, and from one champion to another, perhaps 2022 is finally going to be the year that Pusha T wins that long-awaited Grammy for Album of The Year.

As Push says on “Dreamin of the Past”, “Award shows the only way you could rob me” — another amusing parallel considering that Brady didn’t win NFL MVP in 2021.

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