After a disastrous tenure in the NFL, Urban Meyer returns to the college scene, back to Fox Sports as a college football analyst. 

It looks like Urban Meyer needs the Capital One Rewards Credit Card. He’s racked up many miles through traveling. Now he’s back home with Fox Sports. The former coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars is returning to the network as a college football analyst, the same role he had before he departed for Jacksonville.

Let’s just say his tenure in DUVAL was eerily similar to Bobby Petrino. Ok, it was actually worse. Kicking a player, and then the infamous bar video? But enough about that. Meyer is back in college football, and despite the scandals that existed wherever he was, there was winning and lots of it.

The time spent at the University of Florida resulted in two national championships, and then the inaugural season of the college football playoff culminated in a championship for Meyer and THE Ohio State Buckeyes. Following a Rose Bowl win over Washington in 2018, Meyer left the college sideline and became an analyst before heading to Jacksonville in 2021.

Urban Meyer is coming home to Fox Sports after a disastrous tenure in the NFL.

Some coaches are meant to be college coaches, and Urban Meyer is one of them. He did win, and the credentials speak for themselves, including the players he sent to the NFL, many of whom are stars of the game today (Ezekiel Elliott, Joey, and Nick Bosa, and Michael Thomas).

As an analyst, Meyer wasn’t all that bad either. He came across as straightforward and spoke well on television, so you can’t blame FOX for bringing him aboard. However, when he got to Jacksonville, it all went south, and disaster was never far away. The Jaguars did the right thing by letting him go, and now he is back home.

Meyer has returned to the college football lore as an analyst for FOX Sports. Dorothy once said, “There’s no place like home,” and Meyer understands that now more than ever. Don’t expect him to leave this role again, but then again, we don’t know what could be lurking behind the scenes.

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