Nebraska football fans can say goodnight to Scott Frost after losing to Northwestern in Dublin.

It is only Week 0, but this has to be the end of the Scott Frost experiment for Nebraska football.

Despite being favored over the Northwestern Wildcats, the Cornhuskers fell 31-28 in Dublin to Pat Fitzgerald’s team. It has something to do with it being an even year for Northwestern, as well as Frost being over his skis leading his alma mater’s Power Five program. He did not lose a game with the 2017 UCF Knights before returning to Lincoln. Frost has to go bowling or he is so gone.

With thoughts of ending the Frost era of Nebraska football in the near future, what is his buyout?

Scott Frost contract buyout details: What does Nebraska football team owe him?

With Nebraska legend Trev Alberts taking over as athletic director in 2021, he lowered Frost’s annual pay from $5 million to $4 million in the restructure. Frost is currently under contract through the 2026 college football season. If he is fired after the 2022 college football season, Frost’s buyout is roughly $7.5 million, which cuts the previous buyout he was slated to get in half.

Should he bounce back from this bad Week 0 loss in Dublin and is retained beyond this year, Frost will see his annual salary return to $5 million and he will get a one-year extension for the 2027 college season. It should be noted that the $7.5 million buyout only goes into effect if Frost is let go after Oct. 1, 2022. Otherwise, Frost would be receiving the old buyout number of $15 million.

Conversely, if Frost were to resign from leading his alma mater’s football program at any point between Oct. 1, 2022 and Dec. 31, 2026, he would owe the University of Nebraska-Lincoln $2.5 million annually through the 2024 college season, as well as $1.25 million apiece for the 2025 and 2026 campaigns. Ultimately, there is really only one way that this is going to go for him, alright…

To bring it all back home, Frost’s buyout is $15 million up until Oct. 1, 2022, in which it goes down to $7.5 million. This is why unless it is an absolute tire fire over the next five weeks, Frost will remain the head coach of the Cornhuskers football team because the $7.5 million buyout is way more manageable for some booster of this public university to eat all of that horrendous contract.

Any optimism surrounding Frost entering year five on the job is now gone after the Week 0 loss.

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