Why didn’t the Cubs manage to trade catcher Willson Contreras at the MLB trade deadline? Chicago’s plans were scuppered by their high asking price.

Willson Contreras said his goodbyes to the Cubs faithful at Wrigley Field last week during what was thought to be his final home game with the organization.

It was a foregone conclusion the catcher would be dealt with no fruitful contract talks to be had and free agency looming at the end of the season.

So how on earth did the MLB trade deadline pass on Tuesday without Contreras traded?

Why the Cubs didn’t trade Willson Contreras, explained

Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic confirmed neither Contreras nor Ian Happ were traded before the deadline.

What it came down to was cost.

Andy Martino of SNY tweeted that talks between the Mets and Cubs “never really ignited.” New York need the price to come down “a lot” in order to engage.

The Rays were also reportedly interested considering their need at catcher. Even the Padres were considered a player for him late on.

The fact that none of those teams pulled the trigger suggests Chicago was not willing to waiver on their valuation. They simply wanted more for Contreras than any team out there was willing to pay.

By failing to trade Contreras, the Cubs will have to settle for a draft pick when they lose him in free agency instead of a prospect or two via a trade.

Of course, there’s also the outside chance the club comes to an extension agreement with their long-time catcher, especially after seeing the way fans reacted to him possibly leaving.

That option would certainly be a way for the Cubs to wipe the egg off their face over what looks like a major trade deadline whiff.

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